Yes & Yoga, Season 2!

Sat Nam from Costa Rica. Adi and I are excited to announce the premiere of Season 2 of Yes & Yoga on Amazon Prime Video! The last 18 months have been transformational in ways that we could have never expected. We wanted to update everyone on what’s transpired during this time.

It took us a little longer than expected for us to complete Season 2 of YAY than we initially

Although our living and our way of life had changed in ways we could have never expected, we decided to put our money where our mouth was, and we turned to our practice which we always teach people will provide us with the pathway forward. What happened next, we could have never anticipated—it would become the most magical journey that we have ever shared together. Our yoga and meditation practice gave us the courage to face these uncertain times.

Adi began learning nutritional therapy with muscle testing. This fascinating method is helping people get healthy from the inside out by identifying root causes and stressors to healing for an individual and then applying food and herbs as medicine to get people feeling well and strong in their bodies. She also began sharing her Vedic Astrology knowledge and having personal sessions to help people better understand their unique path, challenges and ways to grow and amplify personal gifts. Adi continued with online trainings and created a space for yogis to learn and practice together in a meaningful way.

David took his time off and penned two books in the year, including the story of how Adi and David met, called We’ll Always Have Paris (available on Amazon) and the 12 Universal Laws(available on Amazon). As a team, we didn’t stop there. We decided, along with Massoum Mirzaei (Yes & Yoga producer), to move forward with Season 2 of YAY. We used the smallest crew possible (three fellow creators) and re-conceptualized the show with just the two of us talking about all of the things that inspire us.

We are both proud that we did our very best during these unpredictable times to bring fans of the show the very best program that we could, given the circumstances. We hope with all of our hearts that you enjoy Season 2 and that you too can use these powerful practices to transform your life during these life-changing times. We have come to understand that if we want to change the world, we must first start with ourselves. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Wishing you the very best on your journey.

Sat Nam!

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