Dream Big in 2020

As 2019 winds down leading us into 2020, I write today with feelings of immense gratitude for the past year.  Dreams that I didn’t even know that I had manifested in a way that I could have never seen coming.  My beloved, Adi Bachan Kaur, and I developed and filmed the very first season of Yes, And Yoga and the show now airs on Amazon Prime Video (see the show here).  How did all of this happen?  Through the power of focused intention and the ability to release those intentions to the Universe or God and then allowing the Divine to materialize those intentions in a way that serves us and those around us.

The most amazing part of this is that at the start of 2019 neither Adi nor I even had the slightest inclination to create a show.  At the end of 2018, Adi and I made our annual vision boards for our Dream Big Gong Night that we throw every year to help people manifest their dreams into reality.  We are both great believers in stating our intentions and then taking active steps towards creating the reality that we would like to see in the world.  We know that whatever we think we become so therefore we think in terms of what we would like to see happen as opposed to placing our intentions on things that we don’t want to have happen or that we fear may happen.

When we did our boards neither of us really put “TV show” on it.  Instead, we used words like “generosity”, “meditation”, “we believe”, “yoga”,  “impact the world” and “a great force of energy” on our boards and then we released any expectation of how these intentions would manifest.  We also love to travel, and I decided I would put, “Let’s go to Paris” on my board without really knowing how/when that would happen.

This year taught me a great deal about how to align with one’s destiny by stating general specific intentions and then allowing the Universe to do its magic in helping me realizing dreams that I didn’t even know I had.  By visualizing our dreams through the power of dream boards we plant our intentions like seeds into our consciousness and then through the power of the sound current, specifically the gong and singing bowls, we have the capacity to fuel our dreams to burst into existence.  Like the theory of the Big Bang, we send our intentions into the void of possibility and then the sound current creates the Big Bang that materializes those very intentions into our current reality.

This may sound esoteric and “out there”, but this is literally how The Law of Attraction works.  We state our intentions and then we have a fundamental “belief” that these intentions already exist.  Since time is non-linear, we literally are tapping into the dimension where our dreams are already a reality and we access that energy and harness it into our current dimension.  And the most beautiful part of this is we don’t really have to know how and why it works for it to work.  We simply need to already “know” that what we long for exists and then wait for the Universe to deliver on Her end.

Manifestation is a co-creation with the Universe.  We state our intentions and then we say to God, “Bring me today whatever is for my greatest good and the greatest good of all.”  Then, this glorious Universe seeks out all of the best possibilities of our desires, dreams, talents, goals and gifts and it aligns us with the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

We didn’t ever intend to do a “yoga show”.  Adi never had an intention to ever be on camera teaching nor did she desire to necessarily be seen through the medium of television, but the Universe had different plans.  When the Universe saw “impact the world” on her dream board It decided the best way to do that would be through Yes, And Yoga.  Adi only had to let go of a little bit of fear of being in front of a camera for a new reality to manifest into her life.  Less than two months after the release of the show more than one million minutes of the show have been viewed and counting.

People from all over the world began watching and what’s most amazing is that the show developed quite naturally and with an ease of purpose that I have never experienced before.  Very talented peopled aligned with us that willingly shared their gifts to create the show making it far better than we could have done on our own.  Why?  Because the Universe found the right people, with the right talent, skill and perseverance to execute the show.  The show was not only for our greatest good but the greatest good for all.  Everyone got to shine at what they did best!  We co-created the show together.

What does this mean for you?  Your dreams are waiting for you to claim them.  Dreams that you may not even know exist are waiting for you to create your vision board with words like “service”, “thank you”, “love”, “hope”, and “destiny”.  Once this is done, release these intention to the Universe for an unpredictable co-creation that could literally and magically transform your life.

It’s possible.  We are evidence of this.  Adi and I  have no more gifts or luck than you.  You are a Creator and you are the very change that we seek in the world.  There is a special talent hidden (or maybe not hidden at all) deep within you that the world not only wants to see but needs to see.  And, there is no more time to waste, the world needs to see your talent now—more than ever.

How do we start?  Start general specific.  “Service”, “thank you”, “love”, “hope”, and “destiny” or any other things that inspire you.  Place them on your board.  Power the board with sound.  Do one thing every day to fulfill your promise to God that you are in other’s “service”, feel “thank you”, share “love”, give “hope”, and believe in “destiny” and then watch the exhilaration of the Universe unfold before your very eyes.

The end result will look nothing like you expect.  It will be far better because it will be not only for your greatest good, but the greatest good of all.  And could there by anything more beautiful than that?

Our year came to a beautiful close when Adi and I got to take our three children and my sister Patti to the site of our very first date—Paris, France.  We hadn’t yet planned this trip when I placed “Let’s go to Paris” on my board and I had no idea how it would happen, but it did!  Just one more gift from an unexpected year.

Join us on January 4, 2020 for our 2020 Dream Big as we once again create dream boards with a symphony of sounds, all night long.

Visit to sign up for this very special night!

Happy New Year and God Bless you in the coming year. 

You are loved always and forever.

Sat Nam!

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