I Am

I Am.  Could there be two more beautiful words that in conjunction with one another define our very existence on this celestial plane called Earth?  People often ponder the mystery of life by asking the questions, “What does it all mean?’ or “Why are we here?”  The answer lies in two simple words.  I Am.  I Am consciousness inhabiting the human form in order to traverse this plane of duality to remember once again that I Am One With God.  I Am You.  You are me.  You are God.  I Am God.  We are God.

All questions dissolve in self-discovery when we come to realize I Am.  There is nothing else to learn.  I Am truth.  Truth is my identity.  There is simply nothing to achieve—ever.  We are complete as we are.  There is no benchmark we must pass, there will be no watershed moment in our life where we eventually become good enough.  We are good enough—exactly as we are.

It’s a lesson that commercialism doesn’t want us to learn because how could we be “sold” anything knowing we need nothing.  When we are One With God what else could there be to accomplish.  When we radiate the Love of God, we become the beacon of Light that others seek, but we can do so only in the remembrance of whom we truly are:  Godly.

Many institutions reject this because if we come to remember our truth we no longer need outside groups or forces to assist us in “achieving” anything.  When we come to the understanding that we are One With God religion becomes unnecessary.  Success, wealth and fame become the illusion that they are—we are whole in the remembrance of our fundamental truth.  I Am.  Could we possibly need anything else?

We are the creators of our reality and our reality reflects our creation.  God Created the Universe, we created our Universe.  Each necessary in order to create the totality of the Universe.  The moment we realize that we are One With God we can see that we create in the same way God creates.  This is the essence of I Am.  I am a creator and everything before my eyes is my creation.

The world is awakening to this truth.  As we propel into the Aquarian Age, we are all beginning to discover our truth.  This is why institutions that no longer serve us are beginning to crumble.  Places where we used to put our faith no longer provide us the comfort they once did.  All of these things are necessary so that we can realign once again with whom we truly are.  By understanding that our divinity will never lie outside of ourselves we cease the external search and begin once again the internal discovery of our personal divinity.  The light that shines within us begins to glow in the essence of I Am.

Many people are scared.  Many people look around at the world and see turmoil and instability however this is the time where the most magnificent change awaits us.  Old doctrine, outdated thinking, male-centric leadership and dogma from the former Piscean Age are thrashing in the face of this new and empowering rise of the Age of Aquarius.  Women will begin to lead us with heart-centered compassion, men will soften and allow a more robust feminine energy to emerge to lead us into this new age.  The crystal children will guide us with their advanced states of consciousness and together we will all rise towards the Light of the Divine to remember once again the most powerful lesson we could ever master.  I am.

I am truth.  I am love.  I am compassion.  I am the Light of God.  We are One With God.

Sat Nam!

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