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Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 is now LIVE on Amazon Prime. It has been a transformative year and we are proud to share this season with everyone! We hope that you find the content helpful to transform your life inside and out. Heres to changing the world, starting with ourselves. 

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about the show

Welcome to the world of Yes & Yoga where are things are possible when we align with our greatest potential through the practice of yoga, meditation and saying, “Yes, and” to life. This show is meant to be a helpful tool to guide you along on your path. We all have within us infinite possibilities when we shine our personal diamond with yoga practices and meditation. Join Adi Bachan and David Ahearn as they interview guests from different health and healing modalities who share their personal practices in the hopes of encouraging you to begin your own. It all starts with you!

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david ahearn

adi bachan

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adventures of david & adi

 Join Adi and I as we travel the world and share our experiences on the journey. No matter where we travel you can join us as we share love and kindness around the globe and pollinate the world with random acts of kindness.